How to Apply Kitchen Stickers?

Dec. 10, 2020

The kitchen has always been an area with very heavy oily smoke. Presumably most people are troubled by the cleaning of the kitchen. A layer of grease will adhere to the surfaces of stoves and cabinets. The walls are also unavoidable. If you do not pay attention to cleaning, it will often It accumulates a thick layer of grease, which is difficult to remove. Therefore, many people use kitchen stickers on the walls to prevent oily smoke from contaminating the walls and countertops during cooking. How to apply kitchen stickers? Let's take a look at it together.

How to apply kitchen stickers?

1. Before sticking the kitchen sticker, clean the wall and keep it stain-free.

2. Measure the area that needs to be used, and prepare the cut and paste according to the size. The size of the kitchen sticker should be cut 1 to 2 cm more than the area of the wall, so that it can fit perfectly without leaving a gap to affect the appearance.

3. After cutting the kitchen sticker, you can start the step of pasting. Don't tear off all the film on the sticker, but paste a little bit. Start at a point in the upper corner and slowly go down. When pasting, be careful to avoid The sticker is crooked or wrinkled.

4. Bubbles appear in the wall ditch during the process of pasting. You can use a sharp object to make a small hole in the bubble to drive the air out and then smooth it. After all the greaseproof stickers are pasted, trim the extra parts, and a perfect kitchen sticker is ready.

 Kitchen Stickers

How can we tear off the kitchen stickers on the wall?

1. Glue remover to dissolve glue: After a few minutes, it will become a sticky liquid.

2. Deal with viscous liquids: Sprinkle a lot of five cleansing powder on it, and the powder will be glued into a small dough.

3. Wipe with a rag or sweep the dough on the countertop with a broom, it can be basically clean.

4. If you want to be perfect, scrape the corners with a blade.

5. Finally, just rinse with water.

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