How To Make DIY Scratch Off Cards?

Oct. 16, 2020

Maybe you are a big fan of scratch off cards. When you scratch off all the glittering paint on the card, you really enjoy the satisfaction. In addition, you can customize your scratch card according to different occasions. If you have ever wondered how to do it yourself, I will show you how easy it is! I did it myself, and so can you!These are really easy to do, and you probably already have everything you need to do.Here the factory of scratch off cards wholesale are some other ideas you can scratch off the cards yourself:

Scrape Off Cards

Scrape Off Cards

Paper of higher hardness

Paint (Acrylic available)

soap bar

Packing tape

1. Make a card

Print the template on cardboard, and then cut the template to a suitable size with scissors or a paper cutter. Make your own crossword or bingo card-happy birthday! Add a fun "reveal" to the card.

2. Packing tape

Then you need to cut your packaging tape to fit your scraping area.

3. Create a scratch solution

Mix the paint and detergent in a ratio of two parts paint and one part detergent.

4. Apply paint to the areas that need to be scratched

Apply paint on the tape you applied with paint solution. The first layer doesn't look like much, but it will be soon. You need to let this layer dry completely before applying another layer. There are a total of 4 layers to completely hide the text below, but this also depends on the intensity of the paint you use. That's why it's best to make a bunch at a time!That's almost it! When it's completely dry, you can start! Give it a try (I promise, it will be fun!) The paint will be scraped off immediately, revealing your secret!

Scratch Off Cards wholesale

Scratch Off Cards wholesale

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