How to Remove the Car Body Sticker?

Oct. 24, 2020

Many car owners will put some stickers on their cars. After a long time, the car stickers will be old and damaged, or they don’t like them. It is easy to paste, but how to remove it quickly and effectively has become a problem that bothers everyone. Sometimes the sticker is removed, but the glue marks left by long-time pasting are particularly difficult to clean up, and a little carelessness may also Damage the paint and cause unnecessary losses.

There are many ways to clean up stickers and glue marks. From the product type, it can be divided into special cleaning agents and people's daily necessities. Among them, according to the Internet, alcohol, detergent and toilet water also have a certain removal effect on the body stickers. So, since there are so many ways to remove stickers, which one is the most effective and economical choice?

1. Alcohol

The bottle we use is 95% alcohol. As soon as we open the cap, we can smell a very strong smell of alcohol. In order to be able to cover the entire sticker more evenly, I also equipped it with a spray head, and then gently spray around the sticker, and at the same time use the small cards prepared in advance to clean up. However, what I didn't expect was that the sticker was shoveled down very easily, leaving no trace. I didn't expect alcohol to have such a magical effect.

Car Stickers

2. Toilet water

Spray the toilet water on the sticker paper in the same way. Although the card could not be removed immediately, the sticker was finally removed after more than ten seconds, and there was no glue mark on the paint surface. It seems that cleaning the body stickers with toilet water is also a good way.

3. Dishwashing detergent

Dishwashing detergent is a daily necessities that every family will be equipped with, but it is not too reliable to use it to remove body stickers. However, practice is the only criterion for testing the truth. Because the detergent is in a semi-liquid state, we can only apply it to the sticker with our hands, then rub it repeatedly on the sticker with our hands, and then use the card to remove it, but there is no response at all. And because the detergent itself is relatively smooth, it will form a protective layer for the glue layer when it sticks to the car body, and the slippery can not be removed at all.

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