How to Remove the Car Body Sticker(Part 2)?

Nov. 05, 2020

4. Pitch cleaner

Pitch cleaner is a relatively common cleaner on the market. It mainly achieves the purpose of removing oil through the method of mutual solubility. The main internal chemical components are petroleum ether + non-ionic surfactant (emulsifier with low HLB value) + anionic dispersant + anionic surfactant (detergent). At the same time, the damage of pitch cleaner to car paint is relatively small and can basically be ignored.

Following the same steps, we sprayed the pitch cleaner directly on the sticker. After waiting for tens of seconds, the sticker was easily scraped off with the use of the card. At the same time, there are no glue marks that are difficult to remove on the car paint, and the overall paint surface is very clean. However, pitch cleaner has a strong pungent odor, it is best to wear a mask before use.

Car Sticker

5. Shellac cleaning agent

Like pitch cleaners, shellac cleaners also use dissolution to eliminate stubborn stains such as corpses, bird droppings, gums, etc. on the car body, without damaging the paint, and at the same time, it has the effect of bright paint. In addition, although shellac cleaning agent also contains a pungent odor, compared to the former, the odor is significantly reduced.

The same is true for the method of using shellac cleaning agent. Spray the liquid evenly on the surface of the sticker. After soaking for tens of seconds, it is also easy to shovel the sticker up with a small card. The originally difficult-to-remove sticker instantly turns into a small powder. Then wipe it off with the towel prepared in advance. In addition, the shellac cleaning agent has a better cleaning effect on bird droppings and insect corpses, and the use scene is more comprehensive.

After testing the above 5 kinds of products for cleaning car body stickers, it can be concluded that among these 5 products, except for detergent, the remaining 4 products can effectively remove car body stickers and body glue marks. Among them, although the two chemical agents have a good cleaning effect, the smell produced during the cleaning process is relatively high, and the cost is relatively high. From the perspective of daily use frequency, they are not the best choice. Although alcohol has the best effect on removing stickers, it is not a common product in most households, and the storage of high-concentration alcohol also has certain risks. In terms of comprehensive cleaning effect and use cost, toilet water is obviously the product with the highest cost performance. On the one hand, it has a good cleaning effect; on the other hand, toilet water is almost a necessary commodity for every family. Especially, it is frequently used in summer, which greatly reduces the use cost.

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