Material Classification and Selection of Packaging Labels

Nov. 17, 2020

There are many materials used in common packaging label materials. The range of ordinary self-adhesive materials is also relatively large, and all materials with adhesive can be called self-adhesive labels.

In fact, most cases refer to materials that do not require special materials, such as coated paper, thermal paper, etc. Coated paper is very common. Most of the outer box labels, material identifications, scented tea labels, barcode labels, size labels on shoe boxes, product information labels on packaging, etc., are made of coated paper, which is high in quality and inexpensive, and easy to print , It is not waterproof, can be torn, and can be stored for a long time. Generally, it can be stored for several years. It needs wax-based ribbon for printing.

The other is thermal paper. Many people don't know that thermal paper is also divided into one heat-sensitive paper and three heat-sensitive paper. The first waterproofing is just waterproofing. The waterproofing here is different from the waterproofing of other materials. It means that the barcode, text, pattern and other information printed on the thermal paper will not be lost or blurred when it gets wet, rather than the label will not be Soaked. But not all water can be prevented. Do not use hot water to heat the thermal paper. Not only the information will be lost, but the label material will be damaged. Three-proof thermal paper is waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-adhesive, and has a certain degree of alcohol resistance. In comparison, logistics, express delivery, etc., due to varying degrees of scratches and rain during transportation, mostly use three-proof heat-sensitive materials. Not only used in logistics and transportation, thermal paper is widely used in various common labels such as supermarket price tags, clothing tag stickers, convenience store labels, barcode labels, international logistics package labels, and outer box marks.

Packaging Label

Waterproof self-adhesive label The waterproofing mentioned here means that the material is waterproof. The label will not be damaged by the water surface material. It is divided into film type and material itself waterproof type. Coated paper can be coated with light film or dumb film to process the surface to achieve a waterproof and glossy effect. It can still tear at a certain angle.

Synthetic materials such as PET have different waterproof properties. The membrane materials include PET transparent PET, matt silver PET, color-changing matte silver PET, light silver PET, light gold PET, matt gold PET, silver silk dragon, golden silk dragon, milky white PET , Bright white PET and other PET materials. These materials have good hardness and brittleness, tensile resistance, tear-proof, waterproof, and temperature resistance of about 100 ℃. They are suitable for some relatively high-end electronic products, power supplies, lamps, Packaging boxes and other labels are used.

PVC soft PVC, matte PVC, light white PVC, matte white PVC, light black PVC, matte black PVC, high temperature resistant PVC, transparent electrostatic film, light white electrostatic film and other materials are waterproof, anti-corrosion, and have a softer texture than PET. It is commonly used on curved surfaces such as daily necessities, cosmetics, toiletries, etc., printed in various patterns and applied to high-end products.

Other film labels, such as pearl film, laser film, PP synthetic paper and rainbow film, also have waterproof performance and generally have special material surface requirements.

Anti-counterfeiting material labels are used in logistics, aviation, express delivery, documents, letters, storage and other packaging to prevent packages from being opened and viewed without permission. There are various manifestations of labels such as VOID, honeycomb, small square, diamond, VOIDOPEN, and opened.

Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are also called holographic labels, which are suitable for high-end products and are relatively expensive. Secondly, it is anti-counterfeiting and fragile paper anti-counterfeiting when it encounters water. The fragile paper has a lower tearing ability than ordinary materials. Once it is opened, it will be destroyed irregularly and cannot be used again to achieve anti-counterfeiting effect. At present, there are many anti-counterfeiting QR code labels used by e-commerce companies, and they are also a kind of anti-counterfeiting labels. You can check the serial number and scan the QR code by scraping off the silver on the label surface.

High-temperature-resistant material labels are generally resistant to high temperatures of 300°C and are used on surfaces such as electronic circuit boards and steel. During peak soldering or reflow soldering, the label will not blisters, yellow or fall off. Low-temperature-resistant materials Freezers require special low-temperature-resistant labels throughout the year to achieve long-term storage of labels at low temperatures, and barcode text information will not be lost. Depending on the temperature to be used, the material is also different.

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